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It's my Birthday - FEB 15TH

Sat Feb 15, 2014, 8:25 AM
To celebrate here is a feature to those who wished me a happy birthday (will add more later)


My birthday badge

Congrats to iKatie22
Siamese by iKatie22Icicle II by iKatie22Red field weed by iKatie22*licks lips* by iKatie22Acting cute by iKatie22

My little hunter- by iKatie22To brighten up your day by iKatie22Ready. Get set. POUNCE! by iKatie22Living da life by iKatie22
Dem duck feet by iKatie22Together, we can conquer anything! by iKatie22

-CLOSED- Win a membership!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 19, 2013, 6:06 AM
First place: 1 year Premium membership, faves and a llama, feature journal
Second place: 3 month Premium membership, faves,  llama, will feature them here in this journal
Third place: 1 month Premium membership, faves,  llama, will feature them here in this journal

Random prizes: Points (I only have 142 right now but if I get more I'll donate to random people)

If any one would like to donate that would be great too!


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I will use

Ends on Christmas

First :iconikatie22:
Second :iconicytrus:
Third :iconmafiavamp:

One piece:Zoro by icytrusbasket of spring by icytrusBlue Eye by icytrus

first snow by icytruspurple hair by icytrusblue gaze by icytruscrowded by icytrus
GA: Okadagiri by MafiaVampChevy Impala '67 by MafiaVampAT: xxxAshexxx by MafiaVampCOM: emichan24 by MafiaVampOC: Lev Sprite Thingy by MafiaVampCOM: I-am-smart by MafiaVampPenguin hats all the way by MafiaVampOC: Tevin Sprite Thingy by MafiaVampI support NorthernFeathers by MafiaVamp

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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 10, 2013, 3:53 PM
Droplets by mitsubishiman
DS 8-10-2013 by mitsubishimanMS 8-15-13 Lower by mitsubishimanDS2 5-27-2013 by mitsubishiman
Morning Mist by mitsubishimanDS 11-16-13 by mitsubishiman
DS Full View August 24, 2013 by mitsubishimanDS HDR 1-13-2013 by mitsubishiman
Dandelion Field by mitsubishimanPalisades Park 10-6-2012 by mitsubishimanIowa State Capitol by mitsubishiman
July 3, 2013-2 by mitsubishiman
Waning Crescent by mitsubishimanRose Wallpaper by mitsubishimanFull Moon November 2013 by mitsubishiman


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 9, 2013, 6:03 PM
Mush Andriod Wallpaper by manbearpiglet
Andriod Natchez Trace by manbearpiglet
Taylor In Color by manbearpigletNatchez Trace To 96 In Style by manbearpiglet
Taylor by manbearpiglet
Self Portrait by manbearpigletHerro by manbearpigletMoss Iphone Wallpaper by manbearpiglet

Jesse 2 by manbearpigletSunset Silhouette by manbearpiglet
Snowy Autumn Natchez by manbearpigletTheres Somthing I Love About Water by manbearpigletNatchez Trace Bridgey by manbearpiglet
Cigs Away by manbearpigletSurreal Surrender by manbearpiglet
Old Friends by manbearpiglet
Touch The Sky by manbearpiglet
All deviations by manbearpiglet

Picojon By Chutkat-d6kjoxp by fluffylink

Hero of Time and Space by chutkat

No Difference by chutkat
 I really like how it turned out, what do you all think?

Thank again :iconchutkat:


Wed Aug 7, 2013, 5:36 AM
So this is a story with 13 words.

" There was an awesome party at dA headquarters and a llama showed up. "

So what would you guys add to this awesome story?

You can donate here for one…
there really close and just need a few more "kickstarters "

$92,234 out of the $100,000 goal with only a week to go
I would love for this to be real I want one so bad. I already pledged but if they don't make it then no one gets one :(

No Difference by chutkat
 I really like how it turned out, what do you all think?

Thank again :iconchutkat:


Journal Entry: Tue May 28, 2013, 8:17 AM
So the awesome :iconamy-the-artisan: just gave me a cake badge, so to thank her I'm going to feature her.

Lon Lon Milk Charm by Amy-the-ArtisanI Heart Pikachu by Amy-the-ArtisanRed Octopus Charm by Amy-the-ArtisanI Heart Pandas by Amy-the-ArtisanRed Dinosaur Keychain by Amy-the-ArtisanI Heart Unicorns by Amy-the-ArtisanFirst Attemp at Cake Charms c: by Amy-the-ArtisanI Heart Dragons by Amy-the-ArtisanDEFORMED ARMY OF MINI PENGUINS ASSEMBLE by Amy-the-Artisan

RobertRobledo feature

Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 4:34 PM
Pink Drops by RobertRobledo
Small Clouds by RobertRobledoPink Droplets by RobertRobledoPurple And Pollen by RobertRobledo
Hay Feild by RobertRobledoGolden Beauty by RobertRobledoForest Fern by RobertRobledoStump by RobertRobledo
Three Stars by RobertRobledoThe Purple Flowers Three by RobertRobledoSummer Sun by RobertRobledoSpring Thistle by RobertRobledo
Gate by RobertRobledo
Field Of Hay by RobertRobledoPetals In A Book by RobertRobledoGathering Place by RobertRobledo

Alligator by RobertRobledoForest Moss by RobertRobledoFern Forest by RobertRobledo
Silver Rings by RobertRobledoChain by RobertRobledoRain by RobertRobledoWisp by RobertRobledo

Manbearpiglet features

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 4:10 PM

Me Under The Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge by manbearpigletCreeper Stare... Again by manbearpiglet
Natchez Trace Parkway by manbearpiglet
Watercolor Background by manbearpiglet
Taylor 4 by manbearpigletDreary Weather Depression by manbearpiglet

Shrums by manbearpiglet
Shy by manbearpigletSunset Silhouette by manbearpiglet
Fractal Colors by manbearpiglet
Tennessee Kronum by manbearpiglet
Primary by manbearpiglet
Herro by manbearpigletSelf Portrait by manbearpiglet
Colorful Colors by manbearpiglet

Miguel-Santos features

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 9:04 AM

Apocrita Showdown by Miguel-Santos
Carbon Canyon by Miguel-SantosDigital killed the Analog Star by Miguel-SantosGoing somenowhere by Miguel-Santos
E m e r g e n c e by Miguel-Santos
Lightbend by Miguel-SantosC l o s e r by Miguel-SantosF i a t L u x by Miguel-Santos
L u m i n o s a by Miguel-Santos
Tireless by Miguel-SantosLagoon Memories by Miguel-SantosLagoon silence by Miguel-Santos
Aerials by Miguel-Santos
M a s k by Miguel-SantosForestdread by Miguel-SantosMajor Fishbone by Miguel-Santos
Purple Bloom by Miguel-Santos
Aquarum by Miguel-SantosEnlightened by Miguel-SantosPermian Sunrise by Miguel-Santos

Thanks for donating for Me-and-My-Camera

Waterfront by jus4tadayFakes by jus4tadayCRRNJ by jus4taday
seed by jus4taday
Untitled by jus4tadayWaterfront by jus4tadayKaty'n by jus4tadayVines by jus4taday
Tower.. by jus4taday9/11 memorial by jus4tadayCookie Monster by jus4taday
Wooden Bridge by jus4taday
newark by jus4tadaynyc by jus4tadayB an W by jus4taday
Ellis Island by jus4taday
courthouse orig... by jus4tadayGreat Falls by jus4tadayVariety... by jus4taday

A tidal fall by jus4tadaylighthouse.... by jus4tadayBooms... by jus4taday

Point give away

Mon Apr 1, 2013, 4:45 PM
I was thinking of doing another point/membership give away.
But I need your help. Any one who donates points will be featured.
Of course It will be another random give away (no this is not April fools joke)

My idea was those who donate will be featured and entered in to getting point/membership all depends on how much we get.

My Birthday is just around the corner (it's the 15th and I'll be 21). I don't really know what I want for my birthday or anything. I know I'm getting a Zelda ocarina which is pretty cool.
But other then that I know it sounds stupid but I always wanted a piece of cake from dA.
Any ways I hope every one has a wonderful V-day.
Angelpunk by love
Love by StarDuskDreamsI Love You? by pinkparis1233Love by yavorancho
True love by fluffylink
in love by BidvaLove by jpdean::I LOVE YOU:: by Bntuae
i love you X by paulie-nka

just some scenery by ryokomitsuragiSunshine by JamesWHastings

NGE: Asuka Langley Soryu by Daiyoukai-samaShuffle: Nerine by Daiyoukai-samaAliveZ: Nanbara Yuzuki by Daiyoukai-samaAsobi ni Iku yo!: Eris by Daiyoukai-samaMy-HiME: Yuuki Nao by Daiyoukai-sama
Owlicious by ValenAndNightIncGolden Dragon by ValenAndNightInc
Golden Beauty by RobertRobledo
Musiclove by musicpup3Preparing for Battle by sunnyraina4

Tornado Warnings by FooDustySpotted Jelly by FooDusty
ETN Series - Three by WarpedBabiDoll

If you want a feature please donate

Previous donations features:

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:icondale427:more bokeh by dale427:iconwolfwhisper:My New Corn Snake by WolfWhisperSame Gecko by WolfWhisper
:iconcherybery:Breathe by ArtByCherHarmony by ArtByCher:iconajbolinger:Farmland Sunset by AJBolingerSumac berries by AJBolinger:iconshanmagoo:Retired by KerriaRosetteTired Transportation by KerriaRosette
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:iconozonablue:Another Time, Another Place by ozonablueOff the Wall IV by ozonablueSaturday at the Park by ozonablueNorth Shore by ozonablue...And da Livin is EZ by ozonablue
:iconmsh-photography::thumb209070728::thumb208780562:Out and About by MSH-PhotographySlum Cat by MSH-Photography:thumb208981653:
:icondeviantdeeva:Faded Glory by deviantdeevaGuard Duty by deviantdeevaBreak of Dawn by deviantdeevaWell Hello Sunshine by deviantdeeva:thu
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:iconglamorous-bitch::iconwolfgoddess023::iconfeuefolet::iconspiritualwarrior97:BLEACH Chibi Ichigo Evolution by XSpiritWarriorXA Mew Kiss by XSpiritWarriorX:iconwildfreecareless::thumb230618003::thumb231151230::iconjustynakinga:Hypnotize you by JustynaKingaGothic by JustynaKinga:iconbjmar00:I have to walk?? by bjmar00The King by bjmar00
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:iconkatu01:Sunset 101511 by katu01Hover Fly II by katu01Burning Man Temple by katu01Clouds and Ranges LIII by katu01Desert Bird of Paradise by katu01:iconbobby01:Torrents of Melting Snow by Bobby01Last Men Standing by Bobby01Not getting you coat dirty? by Bobby01:thumb164464844:Nightcliff Jetty Sunset 3 by Bobby01:icondamlight:Angelina and Polly by DAMLightCommission: Banchan to Nyochan by DAMLight:
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:iconmax-rabe:resolutions by Max-Rabeshower by Max-RabeGrey Tiger by Max-Rabesommerfrei - Teaser Trailer by Max-Rabea girl named summer by Max-Rabe
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:iconbaarisa:liffey river by baarisaLaura shoot 2 by baarisaLaura shoot by baarisawaiting by baarisaAgne 2 by baarisa
:iconandjbs:Greenery... by billndrsnThirsty... by billndrsnSitting.. by billndrsnWeathered by billndrsnUntitled... by billndrsn
:iconpunkdiva:The Dell by DanielleMinerWebb Bridge Colour by DanielleMinerCrown Up Close by DanielleMinerHoiser Lane HDR by DanielleMiner:thum
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:iconbaroquedoll:Sguardo by baroquedoll:thumb208584038:
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:iconChihire:summer love by Chihiresummer by Chihire:iconEugenieA:Capture The Love by EugenieATreasure by EugenieA:iconBlueIvyViolet:a dedication... by BlueIvyViolethappy birthday Donna by BlueIvyViolet:iconryokomitsuragi:Always Be Number One by ryokomitsuragi:iconHawkpath-tail:Tjyre, the Skogkatt :3 by Hawkpath-tailDrakeling by Hawkpath-tail:iconVexaton:Post-Apocalyptic Scenery by Vexaton:thumb273022011:
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:iconpeopledelighted:Natural Angles by peopledelightedReflection by peopledelightedWaiting for the Train by peopledelightedCaramel Apple by peopledelightedFountain by peopledelighted
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Cousin Cortland by Metal-QuillIcarus by Metal-QuillBoss Top Dollar by Metal-QuillLegion by Metal-Quill
. Slenderman . by LilaAriaDammit... by JvoSketches. Night Watchers . by LilaAria
Taking the Steps by MoonMiseryTo the Spirit of a Young Girl by MoonMiseryStare by MoonMiseryVeil of the Undead by MoonMiseryBALANCED STONES 117 by JJShaverCat by of-the-skiesBNY Mellon Center by citynetterSpring Garden Facing East by citynetterElevation at 55th Street by citynetterBoulevard Wires by citynetter

twistedclairette featured

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 28, 2012, 3:42 PM

twistedclairette thanks for the points

<da:thumb id="206698411"/><da:thumb id="284813448"/>

KyleLambert featured

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 28, 2012, 3:34 PM

KyleLambert thanks for the points

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